Here’s how InsightTM improves your business

Insight gives you measurement tools

If the delinquency rate is too high, you’ll know in seconds. Are rents being waived? Are there too many reversals? Insight uncovers the problem areas, and once you know what they are, you know what your action items are. With analyses done automatically, managers don’t have to spend hours wading through reams of data. The time saved can be put towards actually making profit increasing improvements.

Insight Screen

answersInsight gives you answers

Get closer to your far away sites through a better understanding from Insight. Is there a reason economic occupancy is low? Why has it been so long since rent increases were implemented? Is there potential mismanagement? Insight gives you answers in a matter of seconds. You can uncover profit leaks without leaving your desk.

report cardInsight sends you a report card

With site-to-site comparisons on a single page, you know which sites are meeting your goals and which ones are falling short. You know which sites need to put in extra effort and in which areas. You gain valuable insight about your business and your priorities. Insight will tell you when something is working at one site so it can be implemented at the others. It allows you to test marketing concepts before committing expenditures at every location. Insight will tell you whether or not your training session paid dividends. It will also let you develop incentive plans, because it gives you a way to measure improvement.

better decisionsInsight means better decisions

You get real-time data, not last week’s history. You’re no longer reacting — you’re leading. With real-time data, site-to-site comparisons, and a complete understanding of each site’s strengths and weakness, you‘re equipped to make smarter decisions. You know what to do and where to do it. And if you want even more detail, it’s also available.

Cloud TechnologyInsight is new technology

Cloud computing is the most significant shift in technology in years. Its advantages are well-proven by world-class companies. Insight lets you enjoy the advantages of this technology too. With the Cloud, you never have to pay for software upgrades or licensing fees. You can access your information from any Windows-based computer with an Internet connection at any time, from anywhere. Security and redundant backup are handled by experts and customer support is free.

light-bulbInsight™ gives you insight

Insight will reveal essential details about your business. It will give you a richer understanding of your business than you’ve ever had before. It will help prioritize your time and focus your efforts. It will let you reward good performance and improve marginal performance.

InsightIf you want to reduce your stress, feel smarter and increase your profitability, consider Insight. There is nothing like it.