For better service at the rental counter, there’s nothing better than Space Control’s Onsite.

Everything employees need to know about each account is displayed on a single screen. No more fumbling and scrolling to find the answers to simple questions like, “When did you get my last payment?” Or, how much do I owe as of today?” There is no need to click back and forth to other screens. All information is on the occupant ledger and instantly understandable. Icons and color coding helps staff see the exact status of any account. Every charge, payment, bad check and notice is there, including who made each transaction. Onsite gives counter staff more confidence knowing they have a complete record for every occupant instantly available and always current. For even more details, any transaction can be expanded to see the complete record. The program includes automatic back up and automatic end-of-day, and of course, Space Control’s famous audit trails. And with Cloud computing, even if your computers are stolen, your data is never lost.

Onsite Screen