How new technology helps you
and strengthens your business


Insight and Onsite respond faster and process faster, whether in the office or at the counter. Both programs are built from scratch with technology designed specifically for the Internet. So you save time.

Easy UpdatesEasy Updates:

When Space Control releases a new version of the program, we update your database on the web server during off hours. In the morning, you simply click on your Onsite desktop shortcut to automatically download the newest version. It takes under a minute. Microsoft’s ClickOnce™ technology was designed especially for this kind of application — to download and install applications from the web.

Manage from anywhereManage from anywhere:

Space Control’s management program is actually a web page. So if you use Insight, and want to check on things from the Champs-Elysees, the Big Island or a cruise ship, it’s quick and easy. There is nothing to install or worry about leaving behind on someone else’s computer.

Credit CardsCredit cards the smart way:

The old way of handling credit cards was a software program (like PCCharge) to reach a credit card “reseller” who linked to the credit card processor. It was a slow, error-prone process, and expensive because everybody took a cut. Now, with Onsite, OpenEdge and Vantiv Integrated Payments remove all credit card data from your computer; the information goes directly to the processer – there is no middleman – so you benefit with better rates.

download to computerNew computer? No worries.

If you buy new hardware, there are no installation CDs, no applications to load. Just Click on an Internet link and Onsite downloads and installs in less time than it took to unpack the new computer.

Safer DataSafer data:

The latest State of the Cloud Security Report concludes that data stored at a professional data center is safer than data stored on privately managed computers. That’s because the data center’s only business is keeping your data safe. Experts are recommending that healthcare files and other important data be stored in the Cloud.